Corey has worked with a range of clients on increasing their digital (online) and offline presence through the creation of traditional and new techniques. Contact Corey Speers Consulting today to see how Corey can work with you to imporove your marketing activities.


Corey Speers Consulting offers a range of communication services. Whether it be content creation or curation, Corey has your needs covered. Corey can do everything from creating and/or managing your social media content to providing you with a fully-fledged communications and social media strategy.

Corey’s services also include event hosting, so whether you need a MC and/or event facilitated, contact Corey to see how he can help you.


Corey has worked on the North-West Coast for more than 10 years and has gained an excellent understanding of what local, intrastate and interstate media needs. Beyond media releases, Corey can also create targeted copy and content to ensure your business stands out in the media.


Corey Speers Consulting offers a range of services to engage with your customers, stakeholders or the wider community. With a wide range of experience from the Local Government sector, Corey delivers community and stakeholder engagement using IAP2s Core Values for Public Participation